We had a great turnout for our annual election — lots of members, some new people, and fun magic, too. Our officers for 2024/2025 are:

  • President: Tank Hanna
  • Vice-President: Robert Ray
  • Treasurer: Doug Northway
  • Secretary: Jay Jennings
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: Dennis Vance

Congratulations to all!

The magic portion of the evening started with Jeff Peterson showing his memory(?) skills by memorizing a deck of cards, splitting it between two people, and knowing which person held which card. David Goldberg kept the mind magic going with a book test and then dropped back to non-mind magic with a solid rope trick. 

Leigh Hotz was next with a classic Zombie routine (reminding me how good that effect can be) followed by the Dancing Hank, which did some things a Zombie ball can only dream of. Next Rick Wilson had someone choose a card, and then a random phone number was created and called — the call ended with the person on the other end naming the card chosen earlier (The Stranger, Jonathan Levit). Then Rick went low-tech with Pretty Penny by Michael John, where a penny visibly melted through an empty bottle.

We had visitors (members to be?!) Rick and Joan tell us about what they do and then Rick performed an effect with an entire book of matches being set on fire, but one match, still connected, was unburned. Newly elected President Tank Hanna followed that with a spoon bend and his mental powers were so strong the bowl of the spoon fell off the handle. (Secretary’s Note: After starting a fire and breaking the silverware, start looking for a new meeting location…)

Club Secretary Jay Jennings read three minds while performing Impossible Princess (Ted Karmilovich) and David Boehm came next with a nice card transposition effect, Jon Allen’s Double Back. Robert Bengal closed out the evening with What’s Your Card by Eddie Fechter. I’d describe what happened, but you wouldn’t believe me.

(Photos courtesy Stuart Friedman.)

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