Our Valentine’s Day meeting theme was Connections and while not everyone stuck to the theme, the magic was good anyway. 

Ring President Robert Ray showed how to breathe new life into the classic Crazy Man’s Handcuffs by performing it with a couple and not just by yourself. He then performed an effect with four cards chosen, shuffled into the deck, and then they appeared upside down in the pack. That lead into a discussion about the Multiple Shift (D’Amico) that was used, with past Ring and IBM President Michael Finney suggesting a tweak to make the move more convincing. And that lead into a discussion of Aldo Colombini’s B.S. Control demonstrated by visiting Salt Lake City magi, Jess Cone, who followed that up with a nice Coins Across routine. 

Ring Secretary Jay Jennings made a mental connection with three helpers using their cell phones and the Volpe/Wong/McCaig Multisensory Bags. The reception for doing psychometry with cell phones was enthusiastic.

Past Ring President David Goldberg performed Jim Krenz’s Ring Off Rope, which brought Jess back into play with a ring and string routine. 

Unofficial (but much appreciated!) club photographer Stuart Friedman performed a routine with rubber bands, complete with a “green” storyline which made the moves more than just a series of tricks. As usual, the performance initiated a discussion on ways to make the bands show up better, etc. (We like performing magic best, but talking about magic seems to run a close second!)

Tank Hanna, the Ring Vice-President, performed a very nice Card At A Number routine he found that day on YouTube. The Ring Secretary would have admonished him for coming up with something at the last minute, but then he’d have had to admonish himself, too, so it was just swept under the rug where it shall remain.

We all made some good connections with each other and can’t wait for the meeting next month!

(Photos courtesy of Stuart Friedman.)

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