The theme for our first meeting of 2024 was Comedy Magic, and past President Leigh Hotz started us off with a couple routines he’s been working on. The first was the Appearing Flower Pot and the second he calls Bugs Lite (with some real “Whoa!” moments). What was especially interesting was both routines used prerecorded voice tracks, and Leigh surprised us with the info that both tracks were generated by A.I. — no human voice was used!

Next came the club Treasurer, Doug Northway, who performed Ickle Pickle’s Spotty which sparked a nice discussion after with ideas for enhancing the effect.

Newcomer to the club (and the area) Jeff Peterson was welcomed and told a funny story while performing a white wine, to newspaper, to red wine effect.

Jay Jennings, club Secretary, tried out Marc Paul’s World’s Easiest Chair Test (no chairs required!) and since he had three people up with him, rolled right into Mind on the Rocks, a variation on Larry Becker’s classic, CB Mentalism.

Last trick of the night came from Vice-President Tank Hanna — a quick sleight of hand effect he called Ring Thing, a name I believe he invented on the spot.

That may have been the last magic trick, but the discussion kept going as we talked about how one of the members could handle a noticeable neurological condition in a way that would assure the audience he’s not going to fall apart during his routine, and then another discussion on back of the room sales (merchandise) at a show — how much pitching is too much, and at what type of show is it appropriate?

As usual, a good time was had by every body there.

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