Theme: Packet Tricks

Our June meeting was well-attended — we’re still not back to pre-pandemic numbers, but things look like they are headed that way.

The theme for this meeting was packet tricks, and those of us who were around in the “golden age” of packet tricks gave a whoop and really looked forward to what we’d see. And it didn’t disappoint — we saw some old and some new packet tricks throughout the evening.

Club President Robert Ray performed B’Wave and that started an avalanche of packet tricks. Frank Pastula performed Wild Card Undone, Russ Fitzwater performed Anniversary Waltz, Dave Boehm performed Mona Lisa’s Secret, Stuart Friedman performed a poker effect, Craig Brooks performed an effect that I neglected to write down, Bruce Kundin performed The Gypsy Curse and an effect by Christian Painter, Brad Beaubien performed Card Warp and a cardless card trick, and Club Secretary Jay Jennings performed ESPissimo. The latter, while not technically a “packet trick,” does use two packets of cards.

Past President David Goldberg performed a packet trick that didn’t quite work out (and not the first one of the evening for that to happen to!), but then redeemed himself with a rope trick. No, we’re not all that strict on sticking to the theme. And then toward the end Dave Boehm brought out Decision Point and the performance of the effect was delightfully creepy!

The meeting ended after Robert Ray taught some card control techniques and we stood around gabbing with each other for a while.

We have a great core of magicians in Ring 55 and we invite you to join us if you find yourself in the Phoenix area!

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