Our September meeting started with a snafu at the restaurant — our meeting room was taken by some other group! That meant we ended up over in the “alcove”, but it was away from the regular patrons so it turned out okay. (We did then double-check all the upcoming dates in their meeting room calendar!)

The legendary Docc Hilford was in town (the Phoenix area is his old stomping grounds) and came to the meeting, bringing a lot of stories, a coin trick tutorial, and a reading for our waitress that was amazing to watch. It’s inspiring to watch a professional at work.

The theme of the meeting was Money Magic and it started with a card trick from David Boehm — but it was a card trick that also used several $100 bills!

Brad Zinn performed a lie detector coin routine and updated us on his History of Phoenix Magic project. Frank Ferrante performed a matrix routine in Spanish and talked about the work he does as a Santa Clause.

Almost everyone who attended performed at least one thing: Bruce Kundin showed an effect with two sets of dice; Chris Berry performed a heads & tail trick; David Goldberg turned a $1 bill into a $5 bill; President Robert Ray pulled a bill from the screen of his phone and then taught everyone how to do that; Dennis Vance performed the Delbin Domino; Stephe Wood surprised us all when his prediction of 2 and a half cents turned out to be true; Stuart Friedman used some equivoke to perform his miracle; and your trusty Secretary, Jay Jennings, pulled out a shredder and put someone’s $20 bill in jeopardy.

The night ended with a core group of magicians heading off to another restaurant/club, because there can never be too much magic!

Photos courtesy of Stuart Friedman and Frank Ferrante.

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