The November meeting started with fewer people than normal, but a few more drifted in after a while. Even with the lower turnout, the magic was hitting hard. 

The theme was Thanksgiving Table Stuff, so anything you’d find at a Thanksgiving day dinner was fair game.  Bruce Kundin used a napkin and a butter knife to find a chosen card, past club president David Goldberg used his mental powers to predict someone would choose the ketchup bottle from the table, and current President Robert Ray had just finished a vanishing salt shaker and was making a knife float in the air when when a young couple from the restaurant peeked in to see what was happening in the back room and we invited them in for an impromptu show!

Robert started off with a double-signed card (back and front) effect, then tagged in club VP Tank Hanna who performed Gemini Twins for the couple. After that David Goldberg did a rope routine and Brad Beaubien performed his Little Red Card trick that surprised all the magicians as well as the two audience members. Bruce Kundin tagged in for a couple mentalism effects, and Secretary Jay Jennings followed up with a classic, Bessie the Elusive Cow.

The young couple left happy and mystified, and our group got a good opportunity to put together a quick show on the fly, so it was a real win-win. There was some great chit-chat after the impromptu show, and then Tank capped the meeting off with a version of OOTW that really lived up to its name.

(Sorry, no pictures from this meeting! I have no excuse other than, I forgot! We only have the one with me in it because Tank took it for me. It’s not a plot to only show pictures of me, I swear!)

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